Clarifications on Baba's Gyan Murli

Clarifications needs to be given for Gyan murlis of Shiv baba (especially for Sakar Murlis). So we started an audio series for this. We started 'Murli Manthan' series on our Peace of Mind TV channel in 2018 where BK Suraj bhai speaks and explains the main dharna and gyan related points from today's murli. If you are properly in Gyan, you can take the benefit of our Soul Talk advance series.


Parampita ParamAtma (Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul) Shiv has spoken the invaluable words of true information (knowledge) from the mouth of Prajapita Brahma since 1937 till 1969 and also in Avyakt Murli from since 1969. These Murli points are generally misunderstood by many or its advance or deep meaning is not clear unless one churns and reflects the knowledge. It is only understood upon deep churning with Yogyukt stage.

Notice: We (BKGSU), do not encourage the entire teachings presented by Virendra Dixit ji, and obviously we know that he is misleading many by using the Sakar murli points in an improper way. So we advise you to listen the below-given video/audios by keeping the right knowledge in your mind.

Here are a few selected VCD made by PBK (known as Shankar party) formed by Virendra Dev Dixit to explain the knowledge of Shiv baba's Murli in a simpler form. We respect his love for Shiv baba, our father, and his effort to awaken many souls from the darkness. Adhyatmik Vidhyalay students are learning the truth of Shrimat Geeta verses by relating those ancient verses with Gyan Murli. PBK family is also a creation of that one. We present this with hope and love.

Clarification VCD - Hindi with English translation

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